“Please me”

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“Please me” - This gorgeous wand comes set with the intention to fuck you open to pleasure so boundless, that it overflows into every other realm of your existence - creating a whole life that turns you on. Self-pleasure is nature's medicine and releases oxytocin and dopamine (the happy hormones), which soothe your nervous system and anchor you into a state of bliss. Let yourself be reminded of how majestic living in a female body is meant to be.

Become your own lover, turn yourself on and radiate from your own orgasmic bliss. 

Free gift: Pleasure Enhancing Practice Audio Guide. 

This is for you if...

  • You wish to increase your experience of pleasure and/or orgasm.
  • You desire to experience orgasm through penetration. 
  • You wish to calm your nervous system and tap into an everyday sense of joy. 
  • You want to feel turned on for life and excited for each day. 
  • You want that ‘well-fucked woman’ glow. 
  • You are ready to start attracting out-of-this-world partnered sexual experiences. 

Size: length 194mm * diameter 35mm

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