“Align me”

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“Align me” - This sex magick stick oozes abundant rich-bitch vibrations. Its magick is that it has the ability to align you with all of your goals, dreams and desires, allowing you to become a magnet for everything that serves you in this world. Whether you want to manifest health, money, a new job or new love, this is for you! Activate an inner sense of abundance and your outer world will soon shift to match.

Fuck your desires into existence!

Free gift: Orgasmic Manifestation Practice Audio Guide. 

This is for you if...

  • You already feel comfortable connecting to your body and sexual pleasure. 
  • You wish to become a magnet for all of your desires and manifest will ease and grace. 
  • You are ready to use your innate sexuality to fuel your dream life.
  • You want to ground down into your goals, values and inner wild woman.

Size - Length 198mm * diameter 33mm

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